Ways To Wear Hair Summer Accessories 2016

Ways To Wear Hair Summer Accessories 2016

Ways to wear hair summer accessories 2016

will be telling you ladies as to how you may pick up any kind of accessories (and we shall be guiding you through different kinds of ) and wear them on your hair/head. We all ladies know how much we wait for summer to try out different styles not only related to fashion/style (outfits etc.) but also related towards hairstyle. It’s the kind of season everyone is kind of looking out for.

This article shall pick up random summer accessories which are immensely trending (but can also be found near your jewelry stuff) and will tell you precisely as to how you may wear the while styling your hair in accordance. This is such an interesting read since this article isn’t based or focusing on one type of hair it is not focusing on any type of hair but only it sure is going to focus on the hair accessory itself as to how you can style your hair with the selected summer accessory of 2016. Summer accessories have been trending a lot but with the arrival of 2016 we surely know that as much as hairstyles are good to go and are going to be a big part of fashion and style so is the importance of wearing summer accessories in summer. With wearing these beautiful summer accessories you shall definitely know the importance of what wonders does an accessory doesn’t be it even a hair accessory.

Summer bead head wrap:

This summer accessory is perfect for those who love to highlight their hair. Summer accessory if a beaded head wrap which can only be wrapped once and if the beaded necklace alike is long enough it can also be wrapped twice around the head. We prefer that your beaded necklace should be shiny silver. Gold and other colors can be accommodated but silver is like the universal black which can go on anything unless like the other colors you must be aware that it must be paired in accordance with the outfit.

Steps to wear this hair accessory:

• The first step in knowing to wear this hair accessory is that you must have medium to long hair if you want to wear this hair accessory.

• Make sure you start off with damp hair.

• Applying a texturizing and volumizing hair product in hair you may now proceed.

• Take a one inch curling wand and lightly from halfway down the middle start curling your hair.

• It would be much much easier if you take smaller portions. Once done finger comb your hair and gentle tease hair from the crown and smoothen out hair.

• Make a low bun while make sure hair from the crown has volume built in it because it should be higher on the crown. A low bun must be secured with bobby pins.

• Leave a few strands out from ear so they dangle while you wrap your beaded hair accessory on the top of your head.

• All set to look glamorous yet chic.

Turban headband:

This next hairstyle is about styling your hair with a simple piece of scarf that we are pretty sure you can find anywhere. This is such a chic way to look like a rebel/hipster/chic. We think it’s the best way to represent you as an individual who is not only an achiever but a wanderer. An absolute must wear who love taking things beyond the edge.

Steps to wear this hair accessory;

• This first step to acquire this hairstyle is to have long/medium hair for this turban headband hairstyle.

• To ensure your hair is perfectly wavy add in a bit of sea salt spray in your hair so they remain a bit more wavy than natural. We do not want your hair to rest in a fine hair texture.

• Remembering using sea salt hair spray it is time that you scrunch your hair with the help of finger.

• Take a deep part in the middle of your hair.

• Make sure the part is straight.

• Those who do not like middle part can even go with a side part and blow dry their bangs (if they own).

• Taking your scarf wrap it on your forehead and push it a bit upwards while letting the rest of your hair fall down in a natural wave,

• This hairstyle is ideal for casual days where you can pair this hairstyle with a nice pair of jeans and t-shirt.

Ponytail metallic holder:

This next hair accessory is ideal for those who are in love with ponytails and like to wear pony more often. We all know and have realized it by now that ponytails have never gone out of fashion. People have been wearing ponytails from a very far time long ago still today. AS we know with the evolution of fashion since it is emerging and raising its bar every year this hair accessory is going to super trend in 2016 so it is essential now to know as to how to wear this in your hair.

Steps to wear this hair accessory:

• This hairstyle does not require much effort. A very simple and laid back hairstyle with such simple ways to use this hair accessory.

• To begin with you must have styling product in your hair while having damp hair you must rub in that styling product.

• To dry off the product while it is being rubbed in you can even use a little bit of blow dry.

• Once you have done rubbing the product in and are set to go gather your hair in a pony.

• To secure your hair use the ponytail metallic holder so that all your hair are gathered.

• For extra safety you can even use an elastic band and then use the metallic holder for good grip.

• To add a bit of volume you can even tease your hair a bit before gathering your hair in a ponytail.

• Voila your ponytail is created with this metallic holder. Classy and edgy in style with a nice effect.

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