Taylor Swift Hair Inspiration for 2016

Taylor Swift Hair Inspiration for 2016

Taylor Swift hair inspiration for 2016

throw light on the versatile hair ideas the star has adopted so far this year. She is not only popular of her beautiful sound but also inspire thousands of fans from her new look. Adopting different hairstyle and inspiring girls during her every public appearance is famous. For all those who want to adopt Taylor swift hairstyle can get information from below mentioned hairstyle.

Curly hair

Taylor swift has seen in carrying long curly hair for long time. She has carried loosed waves, fully curled, half curled and side swept with curls. She loves carrying side part. To get the hairstyle you need to start with applying styling cream to damp hair. Blow-dry using a paddle brush. Heat up a curling iron. Take small piece of hair and start creating curls on it. When all done apply a holding spray. Don’t comb the hair after curling. Create a deep side part and secure the bangs at one side above the ears with bobby pins.Taylor swift usually carries the curly hair at one shoulder with a side swept and secured bangs.

Straight hair

Most of the women find straight hair boring. Looking at Taylor swift hairstyle she has rocked in straight hair for a longer time. She carries straight hair with bangs. The bold bangs are perfect for face framing and make her look more beautiful. Those who have medium to thick hair in density can adopt this hairstyle which bold straight bangs. The hairstyle is simple and can be carried for any occasion and event.

The hairstyle can be achieved by following few steps that begin with applying styling product to damp hair. Blow-dry using a vent brush. Apply heat protection and run flat iron on bangs and then entire hair. Apply a shinning serum at the end.

You can carry it with side part. Taylor swift is seen carrying it with a centre and straight forward bangs. Keeping half hair at shoulders and half at back also looks good. You can keep all the straight hair at one shoulder, it all rocks.

Bob haircut

If you are following Taylor swift you would know she was last seen with bib hairstyle which rocks and makes her look more beautiful. She looked more fresh and gorgeous than before. She has carried bob in many ways like wavy bob, straight bob, volumizied bob and dyed bob.

The straight bang with dyed bob and side bangs with wavy bob is the most liked looks of her. After a bob cut you can get this hairstyle by applying styling cream to wet hair. Blow-dry using a paddle brush. Run a flat iron if you need straight bob and curling iron if you need wavy bob. Apply holding spray. Keep the bangs straight with straight bob while a side swept bangs with wavy bob.


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