Summer Hairstyles For Teens 2016

Summer Hairstyles For Teens 2016

Summer hairstyles for teens 2016 is a perfect guide for those teens who love to style their hair in summer. We are going to bring some majestic and beautiful hairstyles at your service where you can check out some of the hottest summer hairstyles that are trending for teenagers. We all know summer breaks are given to teenagers where you get to have a pause from everything (especially studies and homework) and get to relax and enjoy summer season. What better way to do it by trying to highlight your hairstyle in some unique ways and learn to experiment with your hair and try out some fancy looks that will look hot on you.

To bring forth the enjoyment of summer season you can either color your hair according to the season, try out different braiding techniques, curl your hair and resemble that beach earth tone of your hair or even try out these fantastic summer hairstyles that we have compiled especially for you to try out and let us know as to how you find these hairstyle.

Summer loop hairstyles:

This first hairstyle comprises of incorporating curls in your hair. By adding these elegant summer curls in your hair this will look an absolute perfect match for summer season and the best thing is that you can wear this look not only in day timings but also at summer nights or even on any formal occasion that needs you to wear a special beautiful summer dress.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• To begin styling this loop summer hairstyle you must start by having damp hair. Apply any kind of styling cream on your damp hair.

• Once you have applied a nice portion of styling cream on your hair it is time that you comb your hair. By combing you are going to level out all that styling in your hair and make the application even (that has been missed or passed out by mistake).

• With the help of a paddle brush you begin with blow drying your hair. If paddle brush is not your style of brush you may even use a round brush.

• Once you ensure that your hair is completely dried and has no portion of having any kind of moisture in it you must now pre-heat your one and half inch curling iron/wand. Make sure that you do not excessively heat up the wand/iron. We want the heat to be moderate.

• Remember to direct curls towards your face. Make sure that you take small portions when you once begin curling your hair.

• Once you have curled all your hair properly and with medium sections take out a section making sure that you are sectioning from the front.

• By securing bobby pins which are meant to be in an alphabet X position make sure that you have a little bump and volume from the forehead place.

• This next step may be a little difficult but with practice we are sure that you will pick up looping style at any moment. All you need is a bit of serious practice. Make sure to pick up the ends of your hair. This must be done by adding hair from the hairline so that you are creating a pattern which is of a loop style. To make sure these stay in place secure your loops with bobby pins.

• Make sure that you hide every inch of hair that is left out. Continue patterning by looping hair and securing it with bobby pins.

• To enjoy this hairstyle and give it a last moment touch we do sure will ask you of spraying a nice hairspray so that your hairs are intact.

Additional information:

Remember this summer hairstyle might be a bit trick but practice undoubtedly will help you to make you perfect. Those people who have medium texture and density must definitely try out this hairstyle. Any type of shape face can wear this hairstyle so there are no certainly restrictions as to who can wear this hairstyle and who can’t. Make sure to spray a hairspray that doesn’t stiffens the look but only helps to reduce it and make your hairstyle a lot more softer.

Summer braid hairstyle:

This summer hairstyle for teenager is especially for those teens who own long hair. Now controlling and handling your hair in summer may be a very big deal and we sympathize with those who own long hair as they can only understand the trials and difficulties they have to see with their own eyes and experience it while living especially when they are not allowed to play sports or can really have fun on hot days. Well this brilliant summer hairstyle is perfect for teens such an easy alternative of braids that you will absolutely fall in love.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• The first step is to make sure that you have absolutely dry hair.

• Spray some texture spray on your hair to build in some texture while you prepare your hair for the hairstyle.

• Sweep fringe from the side and take it away which can only be done if you choose a side to part.


• By collecting all your hair you must now take sections into three equal parts.

• Make sure you are now holding your hair up. This will help you start of by creating a three strand braid.

• When you are completed and are at the end of your hair you can now secure your hair. This can only be achieved by an elastic band.

• Once secured you may begin wrapping the braid around the back as well as from the sides and the top of your own head.

• Use bobby pins to secure if must.

Additional information:

To add a bit of texture and messy look loosen some strands from the braid once it is wrapped around the head.


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