Sporty Hairstyles Of Men 2016

Sporty Hairstyles Of Men 2016

Sporty hairstyles of men 2016


will help us evaluate what kind of sporty hairstyles shall be trending in 2016. Who said that sporty hairstyles that look unique and fantastic are only reserved for women? Males are now equally a part of fashion and style industry hence we bring forth some amazing sporty hairstyles that men can wear in 2016. It is not about being limited to women any more men can now look equally handsome and amazing in 2016. The days are gone when men were forbidden to style their hair because 2016 is all about experimenting with your hair and playing around in different ways so that you may look the best handsome man anyone has seen and this article shall prove it to you what do we exactly mean by sport hairstyles of 2016. Sporty mean to look cool but also wave a flag of confidence to everyone is watching you. Every man desires to look trendy, stylish and classical and these are the exact hairstyles that we are going to tell you.

We have compiled some amazing sport hairstyles for men who can now see hairstyles in a whole new different way. They will not be only limited to experiment with hair but also they can now be allowed to experiment with playing with different colors in their hair as well as haircuts. This 2016 year shall bring men not only equally in hairstyle but also in haircuts as well. Here are some amazing hairstyle you men can choose out from and look majestic for once.


Sporty short shag hairstyle:

This hairstyle is the perfect interpretation of what we say being fun and being yourself. Not only is this hairstyle colorful but also very playful. Perfect for casual days and can come up to be styled with perfection for a night out. You can clearly see a visible edge to this hairstyle which is razor cut that brings up layers and frames your face to a very beautiful point that everyone sees the style and fashion within you. This hairstyle is meant to give your whole hair an uneven look. An uneven hairstyle that is meant to look complete is what 2016 is going to bring forth for you men to try out. This hairstyle can absolutely look well and great for that hair which is wavy as well as straight. Those who own square faces may also try this hairstyle for which it will look great upon you.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• In order to acquire this hairstyle it is important that you have straight hair and this is mostly necessary when you have wavy hair which won’t do with this hairstyle.
• Take out your flat iron and straight out your hair.

• For those who own straight hair well they don’t need much attention for which you need to blow dry your hair if you are seeking for a straighter texture.

• Those who are seeking to blow dry their hair it is important that you apply a decent amount of hair styling product in your damp hair before you begin.

• The next step for achieving this hairstyle is for acquiring a much more gothic and emo type hairstyle you can always apply the hair product facing downward direction so that you can see that you have a better texture at your hair.

• To attain a very casual look which is the basic point of having this hairstyle is to just finger comb and lift your hair with the help of your fingers. This will give you a ruffled look and the short shag hairstyle will absolutely fit in your style.

Sporty quiff hairstyle:

This next hairstyle that is amongst the sporty hairstyles of 2016 for men is very much similar and alike as to the pompadour look that we see on models and celebrities. This look is known as the quaff look. This hairstyle comprises of the cut in which your hair is smoothed out to one side. This helps a lot with adjusting the volume and building up depth into your hairstyle. In order to have this hairstyle it is very necessary that you must have medium length hair all around (which makes it on the sides as well on the top). The top of your hair on the head shall be layered accordingly which will help built style in your hair. This hairstyle screams elegance and style. A very much classical and vintage approach to hair which we can agree upon with the stylists that have recommended us this hairstyle to begin with as a sporty hairstyle for 2016. To those who want to highlight and elevate their cheek bones in their facial features we definitely ask you try this hairstyle out and let us know how you seriously feel in having this hairstyle.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• In order to have this sporty quiff hairstyle we will begin with blow drying the hair. This blow drying process is totally upto you and you may dry your hair in any direction which you like.

• Flipping and tossing hair all around will ensure your hair to get the most volume attainable. This means that you are doing right to build volume for the later on quiff hairstyle. A basic job well indeed done.

• Then lay out your palm and put a decent amount of wax (hair product) and mousse (hair product) and massage it well in your hair making sure that you are spreading the product in the direction of your blow dried hair.

• To add more of a tint of shine to your hair you can always use any kind of hair gloss on your hair.

We hope that these hairstyles will be enough sporty for you to try out and look trendy. These are amazing hairstyles that will suit anyone of age. Many have desired to look sporty but weren’t sure as to what kind of hairstyles will help them achieve that. We hope that these hairstyles bring the best out of you.


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