Perfect Hair Secret 2016

Perfect Hair Secret 2016

Perfect hair secret 2016 exposes you to the most desired hair tips for you. Now that the New Year is in and we have decided to give you the New Year gift in the form of the perfect hair secrets. So, here we go with out secrets:


1. Avoid over-shampooing


Your hair needs a break from regular shampooing because over-shampooing is extremely detrimental for your hair health and appearance. This doesn’t mean you should leave your hair dirty and filthy. What we want to tell you is that when you shampoo your hair everyday, it loses its natural oils, which will make your hair and scalp dry.


Moreover, your hair would become very dependent on shampoo, making your hair prone to getting extremely greasy. Therefore, it is judicious to take a break from your shampoo every now and again.


2. Stop relaxing at the salon


Most of us speak little when we are at the salon, which means that we trust the hairstylist because they know, more than us. However, reality is otherwise. Never settle for a hairstyle you don’t like because that will damage your confidence level. This year, make the resolve to speak with your hairstylist whenever you are at the salon.


Steer clear of hairstyles you that don’t compliments your ideas and vision. Tell the stylist your desired hairstyle and make it clear what you really want. It is not bad to tell what you really want and what works best for you. If you have photos of the desired haircut, take them along.


3. Love your hair


Remember, your hair’s behavior resembles that of men. You cannot force them into doing what you want without loving them and having a little bit of sweet-talking. Therefore, it is wise to love and embrace your hair instead of simply forcing them into obedience. Go with your hair naturally.


Women with naturally curly hair find it hard to accept the reality and keep fighting to diffuse the curls. The best thing you can do is accept the reality, love your curls and work to make them prettier. Curly hair can be very beautiful if you style them and pay more attention and time to them. Use the right set of products and your curls would leave onlookers awe-inspired.


4. Hair accessories


Remember, your hair accessories are actually the most important tools for your hair and your hair counts on them like life counts on water. They can help shape your hair if your make the right selection and they can damage your hair if you make the wrong selection.


Make a New Year resolution to give a shot to a new hair accessory every month. Give a try to bobby pins, bun pins or anything your love or hate. I am sure you’d love the accessories.


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