Medium Hairstyles for Women 2015

Medium Hairstyles for Women 2015

Medium hairstyles for women 2015 come with a large mix of style this year. Here we have picked the hottest medium hairstyles for you to get some inspiration. Forget the time when women used to wear obstinate and intermediate haircuts. The New Year comes with medium hairstyles that have become the “IT” this season.

Medium hairstyles for women 2015 are on average amid the chin streak and collarbones this time around on a majority. We have observed stars longing to wear medium haircuts. These hairstyles come with contemporary touch and make your appear very fresh. We have listed down the most trending medium hairstyles for women 2015 here:

1. Blonde with bangs: This medium hairstyle trend has been set by Emma Stone and comes with blunt bangs. This hairstyle is simple, yet elegant and gets a touch of allure by delicate caramel and platinum smudges. You have the option to reform this hairstyle by getting some help from a professional stylist and adding some hi and lo lights to your locks. Make sure to add some shades so you can sweet-talk your skin color.

2. Luscious heavy waves: Miranda Kerr has set this medium hairstyle trend. If you have a deep desire to get full advantage of your locks by wearing heavy waves, this hairstyle is perfect match for you. It will rest gorgeously and elegantly on your shoulders and smoothly frame your face to make your appear beautiful. This hairstyle is more fitting for women with round face as it has the potential to form illusion.

3. Soft curls, blunt bangs: Also famous as Taylor swift medium hairstyle, soft curls and blunt bangs add charm to your personality with the waves and bangs to stress your eyes. You can give it a finishing touch by making some curls at the edges. If your hair is naturally straight, this hairstyle is for you.

4. Cluttered ponytail with braid: This hairstyle trend takes inspiration from the style of Kim Kardashian. It provides you the freedom to wear your hair in a cluttered ponytail. It will make you appear youthful and fresh. More flair can be added to this style by adding a regal braid.

5. Long grey curls: Rihanna has set this medium hairstyle trend. Women usually don’t go for grey hair as their first option, but Rihanna has changed the trends and has demonstrated how stunning women look grey hair with curls. She puts on her hairstyle in a large black curls coupled with grey ombre and garnishes it with metallic foundation and gold jewels.

6. Playful ponytail: Also popular as Blake Lively medium hairstyle, playful ponytail has the potential to make you appear fresh and at your best. This hairstyle is also easy to achieve and effortless to maintain. Moreover, this somewhat rough ponytail has the features to suit any face type. Moreover, you are at freedom to accessorize, innovate and tweak it with your own unique ideas.

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