Long Hairstyles 2016 For Prom

Long Hairstyles 2016 For Prom

Long hairstyles 2016 for prom is going to give you a tour as to what hairstyles shall be trending in 2016 and what you can wear on prom day! Every girl is excited and really really in line to make herself ready for prom night. So why not make it the best one for 2016 where we are going to tell you what kind of hairstyles on long hair can be styled into for prom. There is a lot of confusion as to what should one wear on that special day because a prom is a special night awaited by every girl in high school so it is the essential event of the school that one cannot look bad at all.

Below are some amazing long hairstyles for prom that are going to be super in and super chic for 2016. We do readily advise you that you certainly must go through and take yourself a look some of the mentioned hairstyles as to see yourself as how amazing these prom hairstyles look on long hair. You can absolutely feel not shallow for having long hair and not be able to make a beautiful hairstyle out of it because that is just plain stupidity. We want you to enjoy your long tresses and make the most out of it either way by holding it back or letting it loose the call is yours.

Long French style with a modern twist:
This first hairstyle is basically blending in some of the most famous classic hairstyles. There are going to be two old famous classic hairstyles that we shall be using in this new upgraded version of prom hairstyle for long hair which will be the center of attention when you enter your prom function. We want you to certainly look best of the best and this best can be assisted and accompanied by tucking a flower in your hair as well. This hairstyle comprises of a beautiful slicked back from the sides as well as from the top. Along with this hairstyle is a bit of volume that increases the reputation of the hairstyle 2016 that is the twist yet ofcourse which is molded into a French twist that slowly goes down and is beautifully incorporated under a sophisticated chignon. Certainly high fashion statement hairstyles which you will fall in love no doubt.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• The first step to achieve this hairstyle is start with hair that have been fully conditioned. Apply styling crème on your hair. Making sure to where your chignon and twist will lay on your head after application of crème on your head it is time that you start teasing and backcombing your hair.

• You must slick wet damp hair from the center back of the part of your head. Secure it with a pin on one side crossing through and just across the center.

• Repeat the same above mentioned securing part with the other side. While you are pinning it below make sure you are rolling it above.

• When you have achieve the upper step it is time that you smooth out all of your hair in loose low ponytail. Make sure that you leave out the ends so that you may later on pull out the twist for later on.

• Hands and fingers are the best tools for hair styling many experts have agreed to that so with the help of using your hair you may use your hair to smooth any kind of hair which is messing around and bring forth a shape of a chignon. Make sure you are securing your hair in the best way possible. Pin your hair underneath to secure your hair in one place.

• The next step is that with the ends of the twist, you must flat out your hair in the shape of a ponytail and tuck all of your hair underneath.

• Make sure that you secure your hair with the help of pins

• To make your hair hold itself it is necessary that you use a holding spray so that it adjust without the fear of losing its shape.

Additional information:
Make sure which ever hair product you use in your hair it adds the perfection of holding that shine in your hair for the rest of the prom night. We certainly do not want your hair to look greasy and if your hair is oily make sure you pack In your hair some dry shampoo which is effective for sucking out all of those natural oils that you do not want to show in the first place. If you can’t and don’t want to adapt a French twist in this hairstyle well you can modify this hairstyle by substituting in a French braid that will look spectacular. Those people who have smooth hair with medium density can happily apply this hairstyle.

Long messy side pony:
If someone has owned or is currently owning natural curls only they can understand how life is a lot easier if they can only know the tricks with how to work with their natural curls only then they can truly embrace their hair. They can be easily be touched up. This can be done with just a bit of skills and polish to styling your hair from casual routine to a special night out within seconds without the extra effort.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• To start with this hairstyle you must apply the right kind of product to your hair. This styling product must be applied on damp hair.

• Make sure you diffuse your hair later on which will help to enhance your curls and pile them on top of one another.

• There is an important step related to your diffuser which you must know is to hold still the more you move the more frizzy hair output shall you receive.

• If you want to get extra bump and lift in your hair you can always use a root lifting product in your hair.

• Gather all your curls to one side and secure your hair with a nice binder. (make sure the one thing you are securing with matches your prom dress).


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