Hairstyles Worn With Sweaters 2016

Hairstyles Worn With Sweaters 2016

Hairstyles worn with sweaters 2016

will help people especially the young teenage girls who look so messy when they are forced to wear a sweater to protect themselves against the harsh winters. Keeping yourself fit and warm should always be the first priority but keeping your hairstyle balance and not a mess should always be under the second priority which many girls fail to carry out because their sweater can be a mess at times. Sweater outfits can be really hard to handle but handling your hair can be the toughest.

We have compiled some hairstyles that will look not only amazing but also can carry out sweater outfit and they won’t even get messy if you wear a sweater because keeping hair open is no longer an option for you now since cozy cardigans and sweaters require a bit more style in your hair if your hair is very dear to you. So whether you are wearing an oversized sweater, a chunky poncho that has been hand knit by your favorite grandma and wants to see you in it we shall be telling you how easy there are hairstyles that you can absolutely rock in and look fantastic in defying nature, winter and all odds even having messy hair days.

Half up twist hairstyle:

This first hairstyle is being simple and straightforward. You really shouldn’t be worrying if your hair is not perfectly straight and fine or even ironed because this hairstyle guarantees that it can be carried out easily without a doubt. Not only is this hairstyle mesmerizing but also very elegant and beautiful. It is the kind of hairstyle where you want to let your hair down and have cozy thoughts and be all cuddled up. We love this hairstyle and we do sure know that you shall love this hairstyle too. The very best part of creating this hairstyle is that you can wear this hairstyle with any kind of hair length so hair length should not be an issue and any kind of hair texture would also just be appropriate for this hairstyle.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• To have this hairstyle is to apply styling gel on your hair. This can be applied to dry hair. You can even use a bit of salt spray to just make your hair a bit wavy and curly and scrunch your hair with the help of your fingers.

• The next step is to curl your hair with the help of an iron rod if you want to add a bit of curl in your hair else this step is optional and you may leave it out if you want to.

• Following the next step we proceed with the next step which is to brush your hair from either side from the front to the back and take hair to one side and secure it with the help of an elastic band.

• Make sure that all those hair are perfect secured from the front. We do not want hair hanging loose from the front side of your face.

• The next step is to take hanging hair from the ponytail and back flip it in and out of the ponytail.

• This will help give a nice twisted alike texture to your hair.

• Mist some hairspray to hold your hair and there you are finished with your half up twist hairstyle.

Twisted bun hairstyle:

This next hairstyle that will be fabulous to wear with sweaters is the kind of hairstyle that even if goes messy it will still look like a messy bun up do that everyone would just fall in love with. You do know that it is greatly acknowledged and appreciated that buns and sweaters are made for each other. Nothing can compete of having a bun and pairing it up with a sweater. This hairstyle is known to be ultra-easy to create which means you will be having a whole lot more time and less time to worry as to what style you should be creating this time when you wear a sweater. A beautiful hairstyle that promises to stay uptight even if your sweater may be a little buggy and itchy to wear and even if you want to take off your cuddly sweater this hairstyle will stay up like a bun shaped no matter what.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• This hairstyle is really super easy to create with a few practices you will in no time be ready in a matter of no time.

• To start off with this hairstyle if you have dirty hair we suggest that you apply and spray some dry shampoo onto your hair. This will just soak up the oils. We totally understand when people are least interested in sweater season to take a shower so dry shampoos are the best thing that can happen to dirty hair. The best backup ever invented.

• The next step is to comb your hair well. You can even use a paddle brush if you want.

• Start by dividing your hair into two equal portions.

• When your hair is sectioned into two equal parts make sure the sections that are done are till down the center and all the way down. In this way you have from front to back, up to down two equal sections of hair.

• Taking both sections in each hair tie a knot at the back make sure that the knot is nowhere loose and is firm and tight.

• Once the knot has been placed at the back of your head you must now start twisting your hair one by one.

• Twisting sections one by one will ultimately create a bun that is what we are looking for a twisted bun.

• Secure with bobby pins and make sure the bun is help up tight.

• You can now finish off the hairstyle with some nice hair spray that will keep your bun high and elevated at all times.



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