Female Celebrity Hairstyles For Short Hair 2016

Female Celebrity Hairstyles For Short Hair 2016

Female celebrity hairstyles for short hair 2016

will help you get the perfect hairstyles that you have been dreaming of. What more inspiring thing would happen to you than getting to know all the tips and tricks that can be used to style your short hair. We have seen celebrities rocking short hair our whole life but with the present age and time emerging we have seen that celebrities have grown fonder of supporting short hair much more than usual. If they can look incredibly stylish with short hair we don’t doubt that you can too as well. Watching a celebrity rock a hairstyle attracts us in numerous ways. Some love them so much that they just want to replicate the hair and dressing so that they can feel closer to them while others choose to like them because they can relate their face shape hair type etc. with themselves.

We have compiled 2016s most favorite short hairstyles of female celebrities that have been rocking short hair so that you may too enjoy them as well and not be left behind.

Miley’s short hair:

The perfect way to introduce a short hair trend hairstyle for 2016 is none other than Miley herself. We have seen her with short edgy hair that resembles at times of a boyish haircut and at times feminine enough. She is known worldwide to rock her short hair till present time without any lack of confidence. Who said short hair can only be worn by men when they can easily be worn by females as well. This hairstyle is especially for those teenager girls who love to bring out their boyish side and want super short hair.

Steps to achieve her hairstyle:

• The first way to replicate her hairstyle is to apply any kind of suitable hair product in your hair which must be essential that they should be damp.

• With the help of styling brush you should now start blow drying your hair.

• Now to properly style like Miley you can start brushing your hair to a side. Make sure that you do not create a definite and particular partition. This will ruin the whole Miley’s look alike hairstyle.

• To smooth out longer pieces of your short hair (if not smoothen out by blow drying) use a flat iron. This will create enough smooth texture that you may proceed to the next step.

• To enhance texture in your hair you can use any kind of hair product that enhance hair texture as well as a styling gel to hold your hairstyle in place.

Additional information:

There are such hair products available which are leave in creams that will not only help give shine and gloss to your hair but also are very light weighted means it won’t build up body in your hair. Medium texture hair is suitable for trying out this hairstyle. Those who have oval shape must definitely try out this hairstyle since it will suit them the most.

Elegant Anne Hathaway’s short hair:

This next hairstyle is inspired by the most famous and loved actress of all time who is none other than Anne. We all have seen Anne Hathaway supporting short hair and we must say she defines royal beauty in her short hair. Her shiny dark hairs are of pure perfection whenever we have seen her walking down the red carpet. The type of cut she wears is really simple. Her hairs on the top are longer than the sides (which are much much shorter). Most of the time we have seen Anne supporting a side part, this makes her super elegant in all ways without a doubt. The side part is accompanied by a side swept fringe which makes her short haircut a whole and completes it from all over.

Steps to achieve her hairstyle:

• To begin replicating this beautiful elegant hairstyle you must start by applying a hair product onto damp hair.

• With the help of your fingers start to finger comb while blow drying your hair. Finger combing will help give than texture as to which Anne supports plus finger combing will help separate each strand with perfection.

• To ease out any discomfort area you can always go back and straighten them out with the help of a flat iron.

• It is essential to attain the same hairstyle that Anne wears you must add in a shine serum so that your hair looks sleek.
• To hold everything in place spray all over your head and hair with a nice holding spray.


Additional information:

Heart face shape will be the best candidates for this hairstyle. We think that even oval face shape people should definitely try out this hairstyle. Those who have medium texture of hair as well as medium density should definitely try out this hairstyle.
Lupita short hair:

We have loved this Oscar nominated and Oscar won actress as she stole our hearts with her amazing performance. Which brings us to attention of how breathtakingly she looks in short hair?

Steps to achieve her hairstyle:

• The first step is to apply a minute gel of styling gel to damp hair.

• Use a styling brush for this next step. Blow dry your hair with the help of that styling brush.

• Start braiding the hair from the back of your head leading to the front this will help your hair especially when you leave out a portion of your hair from a part of your head (preferably from the side).

• Use bobby pins to secure your hair and find any loose ends and tuck them in with the help of bobby pins

• The hair that was left out you must start braiding that portion as well.

• Secure that braid under the pretext of the already secured braid.

• To hold this hairstyle you may use a hairspray if you want.


Additional information:

This look is amazing because not only your short hair are secured but also you will see that the braided texture will highlight your facial features and put a smile to anyone who sees you.

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