Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair

Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair

Everyday hairstyles for Long hair

can be quite difficult to manage. We have compiled hairstyle that is going to make your life a whole lot easier and not just by giving you the names we are going to tell you as to how can you make these hairstyle by yourself. There has to come a day where you have to man up yourself and know the art of styling your own long hair. There is no chemistry and physics in making hairstyle. All you need is a whole lot of practice and with the help of our guidance we are pretty sure that you can make right about any kind of hairstyle that is going to be mentioned below. So why to make you keep waiting ladies we are know that you must be totally anxious and waiting for the right kind of hairstyles that are going to be presented to you.

Long Twist and Pin hairstyle:
This is the first hairstyle that we are about to discuss. This hairstyle is incredibly easy to make. Just with two steps you are good to go. All you need to know is this is the kind of a casual hairstyle that where you get to enjoy your long hair to be opened and playful. So those ladies who think they are tired and bored of holding up their hair well time to let them down and enjoy this everyday super easy hairstyle.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• The first step is to make sure that you take out a section. This section of hair should be at least one inch. When you have successfully approximated one inch you may now twist away from your face.

• There is a special point to be noted that those ladies who although have long hair but still think the density of hair is not thick but fine well you can always back comb and tease your hair a bit before starting off with this hairstyle. Remember to spray some anti frizz hair product so that your hair settles perfectly fine and twist alongside to keep your hair in place.

• Once you have twisted your hair it is time to secure that twist and this shall be achieved by none other than with the help of a bobby pin. Place the bobby pin in such a manner (diagonal) that it forms the shape of a cross.

• This styling of bobby pin will help place your bobby pin as a hair accessory rather than making it look like you are hiding something from your hair.

Hair headband for long hair:
This next hairstyle is about going a little retro. This hairstyle might look super complicated but we assure you that this hairstyle is really simple and easy to achieve. All you need is a couple of hair accessory items and you are good to go. This hairstyles will not only picture frame your face but also will help to keep a sleek and slick look to your hair.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• The first step towards making this hair headband hairstyle is to separate two face framing pieces. Once you have successfully separated and are quite pleased with the separation you may now proceed and pull the rest of your hair and gather it up in the shape of a ponytail.

• To acquire the headband part you only are required to have at least a half an inch of hair. This inch will help determine how the headband will come off on your hair because for those people who are owning thick hair at the moment you must know that half inch of hair won’t be sufficient and you must forth proceed with taking at least an inch of hair (remember for those people who won thick hair).

• To tame any kind of flyaway at this point you can use any kind of good hair product.

• In order to secure the following face framing pieces that we separated at step one should now be put at proper place by the help of an elastic band. This will go right above the nape of your neck.

• At this point you are allowed to take your ponytail downwards so that your pony can ow easily fall over it and make no one suspect it.

• Your hair headband hairstyle is ready.

Everyday knotted low bun for long hair:
This is a very simple and easy hairstyle for long hair. Many have adapted and are quite comfortable with having their hair into a bun. Buns have always been trending and we hence bring you a new type of hair bun that will leave not only you but everyone amazed. This hairstyle comprises of exceptional easy made twists in your hair with a bun that has been braided and knotted down like a sweet hairstyle that everyone is bound to fall in love.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• The first step to have this hairstyle is gather all of your hair. Once you have gathered you may now put those hair in the form of a low ponytail.

• Once the ponytail has successfully has been made (which is quite easy and that too you can make yourself you must now braid the hair (the length of hair) and once braided and reached at the bottom you may now secure your hair with the help of an elastic or any form of pony which is up to you making sure it is clear and not of any color.

• The next step for this knotted low bun is to start wrapping the base of the ponytail and make sure while you start wrapping it you must form the hair into a bun.

• Make sure always that you tuck the ends while you are wrapping it (which makes the hairstyle looks extra neat).
• Use bobby pins if you must.

• Any flyaway and hair strands out of place must be tucked in nice with the help of a nice holding spray.


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