Easy Bun Hairstyles 2016

Easy Bun Hairstyles 2016

Easy bun hairstyles 2016

will help put you under compliments when you walk down with these fascinating buns that we have compiled for you. These buns will surely help not only brighten your day but also will help you get you to be the main attraction in which everyone will love seeing you around with your bun up do. No matter how long you keep wearing these beautiful easy bun hairstyles you are bound and shall be cursed for life to be special as well as the main star in which to set a trend for the others.

These below bun hairstyles are not only easy but will help you get throughout the day means that you won’t necessarily have to worry about fixing your hair because if they do get a bit messy they will look perfect in their own way. Zero maintenance bun hairstyles is what every lady dreams of and having to create such simple buns without any help is just a punch in being an advantage. These following bun hairstyles which are relatively not only easy but elegant shall be immensely trending in 2016 so why to stay behind when you can have all these important guideline right under your protection as well. We hope that these bun hairstyles will make you fall in love with classic bun hairstyle theme once again.

Easy donut bun hairstyle:

There was a time when donut buns were really trending then it faded into mist but we are proud to reintroduce this brilliant hairstyle once again. Although what we are going to do is to take the key element of donut bun and recreate the hairstyle to bring more of a romantic touch to it with the essence of softness that shall be the base of this donut bun hairstyle. We do not want a sleek touch to this so we aren’t going forth with having a sleek slick look because softness and sleekness do not go well together in a donut bun either its one or none. This hairstyle that is modified is going to be super airy which means your hair shall breathe naturally and there won’t be a lot of pulling of hair. The texture that resembles this beautiful hairstyle is none other than cotton candy as far as we can recall this is the best example we have in mind for this hairstyle. To end this hairstyle we will finish it off with a wispy touch of hair that will be surrounded by the soft base of the bun that has been created at first. This may all be a bit too much so without any further delay let’s begin in teaching you how to style this easy donut bun hairstyle.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• To begin with this soft easy donut bun hairstyle we want you gather all your hair. Remember you can use a brush/comb to gather your hair not leaving behind an inch of hair. It is up to you if you want to apply a styling gel before you proceed onto gathering and collecting your hair into a ponytail. Once you have gathered you may now secure your hair with the help of an elastic band.

• Make sure that all your hair is secured and wrapped up tight. We want not loose ends to this on the head.

• Now taking hair that are down below start to tease and back comb them. Make sure you back comb your hair well enough. The more you are going to tease your hair the more air and volume it shall be built on your hair.

• The next step to this easy bun hairstyle is to take a donut band and place it right above where your elastic band lies. Once it has been placed and all your hair are taken out of the donut hole we shall now begin with an important step for which you must be prepared.

• Taking sections of your hair start wrapping your hair around the donut band.

• In order to secure your hair you must know that for this you must secure it with the help of bobby pins. This will help your hair to stay secure intact with the donut band wrapped around.

• Any leftover hair can now be wrapped around so no visible traces of donut shaped band are visible to the eye.
• You can now spray some hairspray to keep your hair intact.

Waterfall easy French bun braid:

This hairstyle is about having a beautiful bun incorporated with a French braid and this shall look fantastic when it is having an effect of a waterfall. So rich in its own taste that everyone would dare look and question you being an outcast ever again because they shall simply admire the style that you will carry from here on forth. In order to have this waterfall easy French bun braid we must tell you and inform you that this hairstyle requires you to have a super neat look which will be associated with infusing glossy hair and a very finesse look. So if you are dying to try this hairstyle out we would like to advise you that you must prepare your hair well for this hairstyle and this shall begin with brushing your hair finely and very accurately. To shun away any frizz hair we must guide you in letting you in on the application of hair serum is necessary.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• Begin with application of hair serum as mentioned above. After rubbing in that serum well start combing your hair and take a deep part (depends which side you want).

• After you have taken a deep side part you must now start braiding (on the side where there is hair more) and try to take portions of hair into the braid from the front while you keep braiding till the back of your head where the other side of hair meets (at the back). Once you reach there take the deep side part hair and infuse it into the braid and keep braiding down till hair is no more.

• Secure it with an elastic band. Make sure you have no hair left out.

• Roll the braid in the form of a bun and pin it down at the side where the deep side part was taken.

• Secure the bun with the help of bobby pins.



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