Celebrity Hairstyles 2016 For Teenagers

Celebrity Hairstyles 2016 For Teenagers

Celebrity hairstyles 2016 for teenager will help those young girls and fans who have adored celebrities all their life and want to adapt the same kind of hairstyle as they wear but aren’t really sure as to what steps lead them to acquire the same hairstyle. This article will provide necessary instruction for those female fans to enjoy and take a good look at them before a major transformation (who knows you may end up looking like a celebrity yourself).

Below are some of the famous celebrity hairstyles that we are going to be discussing and are going to inform as to precisely how they style their hair as to how you can follow their lead.

Modern celebrity long layer hairstyle:
This first hairstyle is known to be worn by so many celebrities. The important point on having this hairstyle is to make sure that you have obviously long hair. But with long hair comes the precision of accuracy of having perfect layers that show independently of being sleek as well as classy. This hairstyle will promise you that no matter what your face is bound to be framed in this hairstyle. We have seen a lot of celebrity taking up a middle part rather than a side part for when it comes to styling their long layers. This middle part brings back the inspiration that was help captivated in the 80s era. But since that time is no more we are going to definitely do a bit of a modified version and help you put volume in your hair so that it can undoubtedly bring a more finesse touch in your hair.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• Styling long layers may be a bit tricky but we want you to start blow drying your hair. Make sure that you are using a paddle brush while you blow dry your hair.

• To give more of a smooth touch after once the blow dry process is complete we want you to apply a hair product that guarantees that it will deliver not only the smooth effect in your hair but also shine and gloss to your hair.

• The next step is to figure out where there are patches in your hair where it is creating a mess in your hair and aren’t even. You can tone down that version of patch by using a simple flat iron in your hair and this will help your hair to smooth down a whole lot which will help frame your face even better more.

• To complete this look you can set your hairstyle by using any nice hairspray that is flexible on your hair. This will help your hair to give more of a glamorous look.

Additional information:
Those people who are owning dense hair which are extremely difficult to handle because of their tendency to fall flat at any point they may use a volumizing product in their hair which will help them sustain the volume instead of watching their hairstyle (that has been carefully hand style) fall flat within some moments. If volumizing products are no good to their hair they can always go for a root pump. Root pumps are great which will help their hair to lift from the roots which definitely adds volume in hair. This hairstyle can be worn by those people who have non-curly hair.

Modern celebrity beach bob hairstyle:

This next hairstyle owns that very punkish edge to the hairstyle which comprises of a short angled bob. It is without a doubt that bobs have been immensely been trending amongst the celebrities. We have seen bobs to be worn just about everyone. There is something about this hairstyle that attracts everyone because not only it is natural looking (which everyone wants to have these days because of zero maintenance) but also the tousled effect in this bob makes us remind of none other than salty sea and cool breeze.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• To achieve this hairstyle you must know that either you own curly hair or natural hair that have a tendency to carry out its own wavy texture you must without any styling steps ensure you are applying a medium hold curling enhancing product in your hair. If you want to control frizz then you must an anti-frizz hair product that will help settle your hair. These instructions were precisely for those who have a wavy/curly texture in their hair but for those who have naturally straight hair for those they must apply a beach spray, salt spray fritz in their hair. Let any kind of product for either texture settle in your hair and let them air dry before you continue the next step.

• To make sure that you are enhancing the curly/wavy texture in your hair you must use a one inch curling rod and curl your hair for 5 seconds on it before releasing your hair in the most perfect curl that you have laid eyes on.

• Finger comb through the curls in order to break them free.

Additional information:
It is essential that you curls do not fall flat sooner or later. To sustain the shape of curls even after they have been finger combed it is essential that you must spray in a holding spray so that they sustain the shape of a perfect curl that reminds you of the beach. Long faces and heart faced shaped will suit the most when it comes to this hairstyle. If you have very thick and dense hair we would suggest on trying

Celebrity Inspired Retro Lob:

The next hairstyle that has been famously acknowledged and inspired by celebrities is a lob which is the definition of long hair with bob cut. Long bob also known as lob can also have lots of layers infused into this hairstyle which is perfect for those who celebrity inspired retro lobare seeking to frame their face in the most beautiful way possible. We not only see face being framed but keeping this hair fun to play with in the long run.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

• The first step to have this hairstyle is have your hair already blow dried. This step should be followed by preparing your hair to have that volumizing product already evenly spread out in the hair so that it can help your hair build volume.

• The next step is to put hot rollers in your hair. Big size rollers will go on either side of your hair along with rollers that are going to go on the top of your head as well as crown area.

• Allow these rollers to cool in your hair for 15 20 minutes and no more.

• You must take out the rollers after the given mentioned time and spray your hair with a nice holding spray.

• Finger comb through your hair and gently tease the crown portion of your head.

Additional information:
If you know the blow drying skills then this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for any kind of face shape and hair type.


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