1920s Fashion

1920s Fashion

When talking about 1920's, men's attire is not much different from what the businessmen wear today. If you know someone who belonged to that era, you will find that a well tailored suit, a good tie, hat and shoes were all necessary to look good and were an important part of 1920's fashion. This was mainly what it used to be in the day. For events which were held in the evening, tuxedos were mostly preferred for they went perfectly with the formal nature of the event and dinners. If you are looking to follow the 1920's fashion, below is what you will need to look like a man of the gentleman of the 1920's.


Suits worn in the 1920s fashion were usually single breasted and embellished with minimal buttons. Unlike today, there were of loose fitting. Furthermore, the pants were usually tied high on the waist and had cuffs on the bottom and pleats on the top. When the seasons changed and the weather became cool, the suits mostly dark grey, brown or blue. While those worn in the summer were ivory, white and pastel colored such as pink.


The vest worn was usually of a color which would match the suit. If not the exact color, some men also chose to wear a shade lighter or darker than the suit color. For instance, if you are off to wearing a white suit, a tan colored vest will do the job best. Pastel colored vests will go best with darker colored suits.

1920s fashion usually involved men wearing a white shirt which was both comfortable and looked good when worn with a good suit. The collar of the shirts in fashion then were club style and had more of a rounded edge than a pointed one. Since round collared shirts are hard to find today, this can be the only real hurdle when trying to dress according to the fashion in 1920s.

As fashion evolved, the styles in ties have evolved as well. From bow ties to the pencil ones that are worn by men today, the tie style has never remained the same. Back in the 1920s, bow ties were preferred which were of solid colors and designed with patterns of geometrical shapes. The ties were minimally worn and they were generally longer than the ones you find today.


1920s FashionPocket Square
Commonly known as a handkerchief, pocket square is meant to match the color or pattern of the bow tie. Pocket square is actually a handkerchief folded to be placed in the men's front pocket of the coat/jacket.


1920s fashion was almost incomplete without a hat. There were different hats for different seasons. Winters brought with them, the bowler flat cap, panama or the Fedora. Summer hats on the other hand were the straw Boater and the Optimo Panama.


Nothing can define a man's personality like a pair of shoes do. If there is any defining element of the 1920s fashion, it is the shoes. Spectator, Fringed toes, Oxford and Brogues were commonly worn by men in the 1920s. Shoes are important so pick your pair wisely!

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